As one of the oldest symbols of spirals were carved into rocks thousands of years ago already. Anno 2011 they make the soul of KeyGate. Both the single spiral, that possibly symbolize the sun, as the dual spiral represents the balance of nature, the triple helix reflects the cycle of birth, death and reincarnation. On the basis creates a spiral 'path' that begins and end with a spiral. The line that connects them, is the maze or the unpredictable track that makes every life unique.

Keygate is ecologically sound. The metal circle - revolving around the artwork like a halo - has an incorporated RGB light strip. The LED lights are linked to a small solar panel mounted on the top of the sculpture, which autonomously light up when night falls. Art adjoining green energy sounds like team spirit.

As in F.mans previous works, luminiscence is utilized in KeyGate which gives the work a second dimension in the dark and the viewer new impressions. The light from the LED strip on the gold leaf creates a strong visual effect. Just when you think to know KeyGate, again you are surprised as in life itself.