The enerchi of Buddhism

‘The purity of the enjoyment, pleasure of the surrender to the ultimate beauty of harmony‘. Everyone can agree with this notion. Because the ultimate contains so many facets that

everyone can fill out his or her own perspective. Or is the essence of Buddhism compassion to achieve Nirvana? Nirvana may be the heaven of Christianity ...

Is it not done to compare a philosophy and a religion? Or it is indeed, from "Naivety", that originally legitimate and acceptable is, and that always later is assessed.

One art movement assesses the other movement, which is in turn overtaken by a new one.

And yet everything is an eternal recurrence.

These child-Buddhists are perhaps the most pure, without artificial stories, but straight from the belly. The playfulness brings us to an open mind. Perhaps this is a good starting point and the key to come to the essence. Natural sincerity and artless simplicity. Honnest and

compassionate, from the simplicity of love ... where, regardless of dogma, everything is possible. A life fulfilled with indescribable joy: a life full of art and the art of life.