Opening Biennale Vuur!Werk


The Fire!Work project started for me from the following concept

This project contains the concept of viewing fireworks in a different way than what we are accustomed to such new year...

Fireworks have usually a dangerous connotation while it also contains something constructive, just think of the industry, welding, creation, light, passion, enthusiasm ...

So came to me the idea to spread a creative flame that reminds us that we Belgians are known to approach and resolve everything in very creative way in times whatsoever.

The fire of creativity, culture, passion, ... is transferred from a museum on the water by boat, so as

to provide other perspectives to the industry of the Region Rupel.

In order to materialize this concept creatively I designed a Fire!Work triptych and in cooperation with the company Moker from Boom Fire!Work cups in metal.

The creative flame will leave from the art district Antwerp South, from FoMu, the Museum of Fotography of Antwerp. To symbolize the creative flame from that museum a triptych painting of

Fire!Work will be the starting materialized art object that is exhibited on the first floor of the museum.

At the front of the FoMu the first Fire!Work cup will spread the fire. A torch will be ignited from this flame of creativity and we walk to the small cove in the Schelde near the Antwerp Miniature Museum.

There a boat, called 'Special One', will gather up and take us to the Rupel region in consideration of the tides.

The first stop will be held at the Schelle Tolhuis in which a Fire!Work Cup will be ignited. Then we stopped twice to enlighten Fire!Work cups at the quay in Boom and the business center Hoek 76 ,

a participating partner in the Arts Biennial Fire!Work 2009.

This is the starting shot of this colorful and creative cultural biennial. The Fire!Work cups will always be present in the events to spread the necessary fire and to symbolize the power of creativity.