The series 'Atome' was originally launched as a nod to the surrealism of the Belgian painter René Magritte. The source of Inspiration is the Atomium, separated into separate atoms by and carried by the sea as a source of continuous motion. In 1958, the Atomium became the symbol of the perfect combination of aesthetic bravery and technical skill. It embodied the democratic desire to keep the peace among all peoples. Faith in both technical and scientific progress and the expression of a new, super modern and technological world would give man the opportunity to have a better life. went a step further and decoupled the symbol of belonging together into separate entities, which avoid any form of classification. Connected for life, yet strong as individuals.

This complexity emphasized by integrating a second image in the painting which can only be seen in UV light, and another third image that through its luminescence only lights up in the dark. Remarkably, the painting continues to evolve in the dark, depending on timing and possible exposure to sunlight or artificial light.